Become a highly sought after and well paid person of influence

Wizz Digital Academy aims to help its clients create and grow their businesses without overworking and burnout.

We show you how to sell your premium, high-priced services and offers by cultivating your Extraordinary selling points. If you want to sell premium services, you will have to put aside unique selling points (USP) and cultivate your Extraordinary selling points (ESP).

ESP is what sets you apart from the 100 others selling the same thing. It's beyond the marketing features and benefits of your products and services. It's unique to you! Ain't nobody else that got it. This is what we teach you when you work with us at Wizz Digital Academy. We show you how to cultivate your ESP to 4-5X your prices and still have people running to you

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Who do we work with?

We are not the business coaching company for many, we are the business coaches for business athletes.

You must be wondering who is a business athlete.

A business athlete is a business owner who is serious about their gifts, crafts, & the impact they want to achieve.

They are in it to get to the top of the food chain. Complacency is an unfamiliar thing for them. He/She is willing to put in the work & go the extra mile to become the leading authority in their industry.

He/she believes so much in the value of what they have to offer & their purpose, that nothing will stand in their way to fulfill their potential, to live in alignment with their purpose.

As a business athlete, you recognize the role of a coach to create a vision of victory,& assist you to fulfill your potential to turn that vision into a reality. As your coaches, we train you to develop a strategic plan to enhance your skills so you can leverage your competitive advantage.

We encourage & hold you accountable for your performance, so you can stay the course of your vision.

This is why we delve deeply into the mindset, business principles,& Strategies when we work together.

Business athletes are the people we are called to & want to serve.

And if while reading this you went "hell yeah" that is me. Then we invite you to drop book a consultation so we may discuss how we may best support you.


created with the purpose to help more entrepreneurs and people of influence such as speakers, coaches, consultants, agency owners, content creators, and authors engineer truly impactful and successful businesses that fulfill them

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