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Entrepreneurship shows that aim to share marketing and business strategies to help course creators, coaches, and service-based online businesses attract their target audience, grow their clientele, and create the lives they want while working less.

Hosted by Tanya Kabuya, a Marketing Strategist and Business Coach who coaches entrepreneurs and personal brands to leverage their knowledge to create wealth and businesses that serve them, attract clients on autopilot, and make more money, while increasing their impact

Marketing and Sales : How to Stand Out Online as a Coach or Consultant to Get Clients

How to stand out online as a coach and consultant, especially standing out from the crowd on social media is really important if you want to start attracting premium, high-paying, aligned clients that want to work with you. This video aims to cover 6 reasons why you are struggling to stand out online as a coach, entrepreneur, and consultant.

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Content Marketing Strategy That Gets Leads and Sales

The one thing that I love using in my business as a powerful sales tool is a content marketing strategy that gets qualified leads and sales. This is an excerpt from another Biz Talk with Tanya Podcast episode where I discuss the content ecosystem I teach inside of my program Easy Sales Blueprint.

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Do this if you want more sales: How to Get Coaching, Consulting, Freelancing, and SAAS clients into your business

Been battling to sell in these difficult economic times, and are looking to get more clients for your coaching, consulting, freelancing, or SAAS business in a possible recession or difficult economy? This is one video you really want to watch

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Make Money Online : Building a 6 Figures Coaching Business

Want to start a coaching or consulting business and looking to know how you can get to 6 figures? I share my own take and journey on how to build a 6 figures coaching or consulting business from my own perspective. This video primarily covers the internal journey you may have to undertake and the signs you will have to pay attention to. Listen to the audio-only version of this podcast episode

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Marketing & Sales: Why You Are Not Getting Clients as an Agency, Coaches, Freelancer, and Consultants

If you have been wondering why you are not getting clients as an agency, coach, freelancer, or consultant, in this video I share the top 5 reasons why getting clients has proven hard for you.

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Marketing & Sales: How to Get high paying Coaching, Consulting,& Agency Clients with Content Marketing

If you have been wondering how you can leverage content marketing to start getting clients for your coaching, freelancing, consulting, & agency business, well, wonder no more! In this week's episode of Biz Talk With Tanya Podcast, we discuss the content ecosystem I teach inside of my program Easy Sales Blueprint that can become your 24/7 sales rep. Listen to the Audio only episode here

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How To Find Clients on LinkedIn with Nama Tasi

Are you a coach, consultant, SAAS company, freelancer, or agency owner wondering how to get clients on LinkedIn? Then this video is for you. We speak on a holistic approach to adopt on Linkedin to get clients and network

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