Want to completely outsource your Marketing?

Need an experienced marketing team to take over your marketing without you having to deal with the headache of different contractors or hiring someone full-time?

We would be happy to take it off your plate.

Create an inbound Marketing Plan that Attracts Prospects

We'll work with you on how to attract clients, convert them into leads, and convert these leads into clients using a content ecosystem on social media

We offer a full DONE-FOR-YOU marketing suite of services, where our team becomes your team, driving up your success. This include:

- Periodic consultations on your business offer

- Getting your business brand in front of the right clients across all engaging platforms

- Generating leads and appointments on your behalf, so you can concentrate on the important aspects of your business

-Copywriting services for your sales campaigns and presentations

-Content writing for social media & blogs aimed at nurturing and converting prospects

-Full-on funnel systems support for your backend

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Available Plans:

USD$950 P/M for targeted lead generation & appointment setting

USD$6000 P/M Content Marketing & Full Concierge Service

USD$10000 P/M for a full on Marketing consulting package which includes Copywriting, coaching, strategy designing, Paid Marketing campaigns,Content Creation, & concierge services

Concierge Service

One of the most frustrating things I have seen my clients, peers, and people in my community battle with is filling their events for their workshops, challenges, masterclasses, and webinars.But not only that, often retaining people's attention through the event can be difficult, and this is something we would like to possibly work with you to eradicate.So, here is the deal.

We are looking for coaches, course creators, or consultants who are planning a challenge, webinar, or masterclass to launch a high-ticket course, program, or service that sells at a minimum of USD$1500 to take us up on a concierge service where we will:

1. fill up your launch event with prospects within your target market

2. do the workshop with you ( we have found that a workshop where there are two people interacting tends to have better retention of the audience)

3. warm-up leads & book appointments with you post-event so you can focus on the most important things which are ensuring the presentation is at its optimum best and selling your offer

We also can accommodate a SAAS company

To ensure that this is beneficial to you, here are some things we do require:

This would be a high ticket, high-touch offer that is sold for at least USD$1500

You have at least done 1 live event before

You are already comfortable presenting your offer

You can clearly define your Ideal Clients and can clearly articulate the outcome of your offer so we can find your people

Ideally, you already have product-market fit ( People or someone has already bought for you so you know people want what you offer)

You target business professionals in medium-sized enterprises, business executives, or entrepreneurs

This will ensure that we can deliver fantastic results and that you get an ROI on your investment

How we will work together:

As you are onboarded, we will interview you to understand your business, why it exists, and your clients

We will together decide on a date for your live event/webinar etc.

Ideally, we will request a 3-week lead time to ensure we can bring in the best prospect

We will feature you on Expert Talk interviews ( people in attendance are primarily from our LinkedIn audience which includes coaches, consultants, SAAS founders, & C suite executives for professional services such as accounting, management consulting firms, mining, and financial institutions), Biz Talk with Tanya podcast, YouTube, and within this community ( This is also distributed across our social media platforms) to drive up publicity prior to your event

We will also need access to your LinkedIn & Facebook profile to allow us to invite prospects to your event while growing your profile with your ideal clients as well ( Passwords are sent through LastPass, so we never really have your password to ensure the safety of your digital assets)

2 days before your event, you will jump on a call with your "concierge" who will also be your tag team partner for the event to rehearse and go over the presentation.

This will allow a natural flow of conversations that can not only educate but also entertain your guests during your presentation

This is a monthly engagement at USD$1500 in Investment ( Note: This is set to increase )

On average we generate 100 to 300 prospects depending on the lead time to the event.

If you would like to learn more about this, feel free to drop me a DM, or book a consultation below to speak to me or a consultant

Looking forward to filling up your events