Igniting High-Ticket Triumph: Catalyze Your Coaching Business with Strategic B2B Pivot

Discover how to revive your struggling coaching business by pivoting strategically to the lucrative world of B2B. Learn how to thrive in a market shifting away from B2C, securing stability and prosperity with high-ticket solutions. Join the B2B Accelerator Sprint to gain access to proven methods for attracting, nurturing, and closing enterprise deals in 2024. Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your coaching journey from despair to success


Tanya Kabuya

2/15/20245 min read

Navigating the Shift: Propel Your Coaching Business with a Strategic Move to B2B Success
Navigating the Shift: Propel Your Coaching Business with a Strategic Move to B2B Success

Are you haunted by the growing vanishing interest in your premium coaching offers?

Your launches are met with silence, Instagram struggles fail to spark engagement, and memberships seem to overshadow your once-prized high-ticket solutions.

The market is shifting, and your unwavering belief in selling high-ticket coaching to new business owners and wantpreneurs is steering you towards a perilous abyss.

Here is an indication that water has entered the Titanic

1. Launches falling flat with lackluster response.
2. Instagram efforts drowned in a sea of indifference.
3. Membership models overshadowing your premium offers.
4. People taking longer to convert

And perhaps like many, you are ignoring the market shift and maintaining the status quo. There may be a reluctance to embrace the inevitable change, and you are sticking to B2C despite diminishing returns.

However, you feel the palpable fear of losing relevance and facing financial strain in the contracting B2C market. It's a relentless storm of uncertainty, threatening your coaching empire's very foundation.

But what if there's a solution?

Imagine yourself not just surviving but thriving in the B2B space.

I want you to picture being the sought-after coach for corporations eager to invest in excellence.

B2B isn't a compromise, it's the strategic move that transforms your high-ticket coaching into a beacon of stability and prosperity.

I want you to envision a future where your coaching genius is not just valued but sought after by businesses recognizing the transformative impact on their leaders.

A world where the fear of dwindling clientele dissipates as you embrace B2B, securing a stable and lucrative environment for your premium services.

Take Sarah, facing dwindling B2C interest. Frustrated, she shifted to B2B and experienced a surge in demand from businesses. Be part of the elite few who foresee the shift and position themselves for enduring success.

Don't wait for the market to dictate your fate. Seize the opportunity to redefine your coaching journey and thrive in the changing landscape.

This isn't just an offer, it's a strategic pivot against the dwindling B2C market.

The evolution is happening, and B2B is your gateway to high-ticket triumph.

I need to ask you a question.

At this pivotal crossroads in your business, your coaching journey hangs in the balance.

Will you continue down the familiar but dwindling path of B2C high-ticket solutions, facing the ever-intensifying storm of market contraction?

Or will you heed the call to change course, embarking on a transformative journey into the lucrative world of B2B?

The warning signs are clear – a refusal to adapt could lead to irrelevance, financial strain, and the slow decay of your coaching empire.

The alternative?

Embrace the winds of change, pivot strategically to B2B, and watch as the market dynamics transform into a strategic lifeline for your high-ticket coaching.

Invest Now

We host this every quarter of the year, to get access to the Business Creed Vault

When you join the B2B Accelerator Sprint 6 weeks cohort, you also get access to this program Called "You've got clients" inside the Business Creed Vault, along with my copywriting course "Write & Earn" for those who want to turn social media into a client acquisition machine

But that is not all, you have a ton of other resources to help you add profit to your bottom line such as a 6-month access to referral parties where we get together once a month to introduce one another to possible deals

The Business Creed Insider 6-month membership is valued at USD$1000.

So, what is the B2B Accelerator Sprint

We will be helping coaches, consultants, Creators, and service providers interested in building a multi-6-figure pipeline by working with corporates, Tech Startups, & midsized firms by installing a simple client acquisition pipeline that consistently adds a minimum of 2-5 enterprise deals 45-90 days to their books.


— You have a burning desire to excel in B2B.

— You seek proven methods to consistently close deals, outshine competitors, and make meaningful progress.

— You are ready to commit to a 6-week transformative journey into B2B with our B2B Accelerator.

— You desire to leave the frustration of unproductive sales conversations behind.

— You want to explore new horizons and secure significant B2B contracts in 2024.
— You want a plan to attract, nurture, and close enterprise and Tech Startups as clients

— You are done chasing clients desperately on social media, discounting to close deals, dealing with clients ghosting you and not paying monies owed, and want to have clients that have a budget to meet your business offers investments.

—You want to build brand recognition in the traditional business sector, not just the online space

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We are extending a special invitation to:

Coaches, small business entrepreneurs, and creative minds ready to embrace the B2B world in 2024.

How do you know this is for you:

You have noticed that The winds of change are sweeping through the B2C coaching landscape.

Market conditions are contracting the consumer market, making high-ticket coaching a tough sell.

You are feeling the pinch of dwindling interest in premium offers yet

You have noticed the rise in launches of memberships and communities

You noticed market is reshaping, and consumers are favoring affordability.
You would like to still offer high ticket services

You noticed that the market dynamics are pushing consumers towards more accessible options, creating a demand for a strategic pivot.

You would like to move up steam to as a strategic shift that not only preserves your premium status but elevates it to new heights as Businesses, unlike consumers, often prioritize quality over affordability.

Book a consultation to find out about securing a spot. Payment plans are available. The investment is USD$2550, going up in the next cohort.

Don't just make a decision; make the decision that transforms your coaching business from the brink of despair to the pinnacle of success. Your future awaits. Take action now

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Tanya Kabuya
Tanya Kabuya
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Tanya Kabuya is a seasoned operator and entrepreneur with a passion for driving revenue growth and enabling businesses to scale sustainably. With years of experience in the tech industry, Tanya is the founder and CEO of a revenue enablement firm dedicated to working with companies that are tech-enabled and tech startups.

Tanya's expertise lies in helping these businesses achieve profitable growth by implementing effective revenue strategies and building high-performing revenue teams. One of her key objectives is to empower founders by removing them from sales roles, allowing them to focus on strategic vision and overall business development.

Through her firm, Tanya specializes in creating turnkey solutions that enable businesses to scale efficiently and prepare for successful exits at high multiples. Her hands-on approach and deep understanding of the challenges faced by tech-enabled businesses and startups make her a valuable partner for businesses looking to achieve long-term success in today's competitive market.

Tanya's dedication to helping businesses thrive, coupled with her strategic insights and operational acumen, make her a trusted advisor in the world of revenue enablement and business growth.

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