Mastering the Upmarket Shift: Navigating the Upmarket Shift by Repositioning Your Consulting and Coaching Business as a Strategic Partner for Midsized & Corporate Firms To Succeed in 2024

Discover the essential strategies for thriving in 2024's competitive landscape by transforming your consulting or coaching business into a strategic partner for midsized and corporate firms. Navigate the upmarket shift with precision and secure lucrative deals with this article


Tanya Kabuya

2/20/20246 min read

 Positioning Your Business for Success in 2024's Upmarket Shift
 Positioning Your Business for Success in 2024's Upmarket Shift

2023 felt like you were spinning your wheels in the online coaching and consulting space, only to hear from experts that 2024 may just look like a mere replay of 2023.

I listened to a recent Socialproof podcast, and interestingly, they echoed my sentiment that for entrepreneurs, 2024 looks like 2023 10x if we look at projections

And if you are an entrepreneur who intends to survive, because, your job as a founder and business owner is to be a cockroach and figure out how not to die, you will have to move upmarket

For many online business owners in the coaching and consulting space, this looks like going Main stream, and working with more established businesses or those that have private backing

Why is that you may wonder?

Well, according to JP Morgan Analysts, It is projected that by June 2024,99% of Americans will experience reduced financial resources in comparison to pre-COVID times. Despite government aid & savings, most people except for the top 1% would have exhausted their funds

But what does that look like?

Because I can tell you for free that your current messaging and positioning won't work there

The high-level clients in those spaces you want to attract don't necessarily need "coaching".

The truth of the matter is they probably know what they need to be doing.

Though some can be confused

But their intelligence, grit, talent & consistency got them where they are.

They know how to put in the work.

For every story you read of someone having raised millions in the VC space, the silent part is that they got 200 or 300 nos.

For every story you hear of a business acquiring another business, they got nos from banks and other financiers.

For every expansion you hear, they fought tooth and nail to get there.

So, grit they got. Tenacity they got.

They're successful for a reason.

So, for those who often ask me how I take what I'm selling in the online space to B2B, you need to shift from "coaching" to positioning yourself as a strategic partner with whom they can bounce off ideas, advisor, accountability partner, team training, or provide a service.

But, let's talk about the elephant in the room: your current approach won't cut it when you decide to move upmarket.

Right now, if you have tried on your own already, you're stuck in a hamster wheel, endlessly pitching your coaching services to high-level CEOs who, truth be told, don't need another coach.

You're getting more 'nos' than a startup in the VC space, and it's time to change the game.

Repeatedly hearing 'We'll get back to you,' seeing your dream clients opt for your competition, and feeling like your expertise is undervalued.

You know what Hell is? It is staying in a loop of unproductive efforts, where your message doesn't resonate with those who truly matter.

Picture this – becoming a strategic partner, the go-to advisor, an accountability champion, or a service provider that high-level CEOs crave.

No more struggling for attention, instead, you're the one holding the mirror, giving clear advice, and being the A-team that brings visions to life.

The key is to transform your business from a coaching monologue to a dynamic dialogue that these CEOs crave.

Be the partner they didn't know they needed, and let your services evolve from 'coaching' to indispensable strategic collaboration.

To successfully transition from offering coaching services to consumers, such as spiritual or business coaching, to position yourself as a strategic partner in a B2B context, you can follow these steps:

1. Identify Your Niche

- Determine the specific industries or types of businesses that would benefit most from your expertise. For example, focus on companies with a strong emphasis on employee well-being, leadership development, or those undergoing cultural transformations.

2. Repackage Your Services

- Transform your consumer-oriented coaching programs into business-focused solutions. Instead of offering one-on-one spiritual coaching, develop programs aimed at improving workplace morale, enhancing leadership qualities, or fostering a positive corporate culture.

3. Build a Strong Value Proposition

- Clearly articulate the unique value you bring to the table. Explain how your spiritual coaching background can help businesses achieve tangible outcomes like improved employee engagement, better leadership, or enhanced company culture.

4. Leverage Case Studies and Testimonials

- Collect and showcase success stories from your consumer coaching clients, highlighting how your services have led to personal and professional growth. Use these examples to illustrate potential benefits for businesses.

5. Develop Thought Leadership Content

- Create content that positions you as an expert in applying spiritual principles to business challenges. Write articles, host webinars, and speak at industry events to share insights on how spirituality can drive business success.

6. Network with Decision-Makers

- Attend industry conferences, join business networks, and connect with executives on LinkedIn. Build relationships with decision-makers who can see the value of integrating spiritual coaching into their organizational strategies.

7. Offer Free Workshops or Seminars at Conferences

- Host free workshops or seminars for businesses to introduce your approach at conferences. Exchange something with event coordinators. It could be blogging about their event to get a spot. Provide valuable content and actionable insights that showcase how your coaching can benefit their organization.

8. Create Tailored Programs

- Design customized programs that address the specific needs of big businesses. This could include executive coaching, team-building workshops, or leadership development courses infused with spiritual principles.

9. Collaborate with HR Departments

- Partner with HR departments to integrate your coaching services into their employee development programs. Offer to conduct training sessions or create wellness initiatives that align with company goals.

10. Measure and Communicate Results

- Develop metrics to track the impact of your coaching on business outcomes. Regularly report on these results to demonstrate the value you're providing and to build trust with your clients.

Example of Transition Strategy

1. Consumer Offering: One-on-one spiritual coaching sessions focused on personal growth and well-being.

2. B2B Offering:

- Leadership Development Program: A program for emerging leaders that combines spiritual principles with practical leadership skills to enhance decision-making, empathy, and resilience.

- Team-Building Workshops: Workshops that use spiritual concepts to foster trust, communication, and collaboration within teams, leading to a more cohesive and productive work environment.

- Corporate Wellness Programs: Initiatives that incorporate mindfulness, meditation, and spiritual well-being practices to reduce stress and improve overall employee health.

By repositioning your services and effectively communicating the benefits to businesses, you can transition from a consumer-oriented coaching model to a strategic partner role in the B2B space.

And this is where we come in.

For you, a proactive and visionary leader ready to make the necessary shifts to secure those high-value deals, our solution offers targeted, strategic guidance.

We understand that you value efficiency, expertise, and flexibility, our approach aligns seamlessly with your busy schedule and top-notch expectations.

This isn't just another coaching gig – it's a transformative partnership designed for leaders who don't settle for mediocrity.

We are results-driven, efficiency-focused, and led by a team passionate about turning ideas into reality, we're not just selling a service, we're offering a ticket to your desired empire.

Before you go "Let me think about it", I want you to imagine the pain of staying in your current loop versus the exhilaration of joining a select few who cracked the code.

How would it feel to gain the recognition as well as the financial peace of mind that comes with securing those deals?

If you are ready to be part of the elite entrepreneurs gearing up for a phenomenal 2024,
book a consultation with our team, let's have a chat, and if it's in alignment, let's make 2024 the year you close more deals with enterprises.

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Through her firm, Tanya specializes in creating turnkey solutions that enable businesses to scale efficiently and prepare for successful exits at high multiples. Her hands-on approach and deep understanding of the challenges faced by tech-enabled businesses and startups make her a valuable partner for businesses looking to achieve long-term success in today's competitive market.

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